New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:11a-8 - Denial, Revocation Or Suspension Of Certificates Of Approval

30:11A-8. Denial, revocation or suspension of certificates of approval
The State Board of Control may deny, revoke or suspend any and all certificates of approval granted under the authority of this act, because of violation of or failure to comply with the provisions of this act or the rules, regulations and standards promulgated hereunder.

Prior to the revocation, suspension or denial of any certificate of approval hereunder, the department, if requested, shall afford the establishment an opportunity for a prompt and fair hearing before the department. The procedure governing such hearings shall be in accordance with rules and regulations of the department adopted for that purpose. Either party may subpoena witnesses and compel their attendance on forms furnished by the department.

Notice of revocation, suspension or denial of a certificate of approval shall be sent to the establishment by registered mail and the notice shall set forth the particular reasons for the denial, suspension or revocation of the certificate. Such denial, suspension or revocation shall become effective thirty days after mailing, unless the establishment, within such thirty-day period shall meet the requirements of the department or shall give written notice to the department of its desire for a hearing, in which case the denial, suspension or revocation shall be held in abeyance until the hearing has been concluded and a final decision rendered.

The Commissioner of the Department of Institutions and Agencies is hereby empowered to arrange for prompt and fair hearings on all such cases and to render written decisions stating conclusions and reasons therefor upon each matter so heard, and to enter orders of denial, suspension or revocation consistent with the circumstances in each case.

L.1953, c. 212, p. 1608, s. 8.

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