New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:3-11 - Preparation Of Plans And Award Of Contracts Before Appropriations Available; Expense; Construction Expenses

30:3-11. Preparation of plans and award of contracts before appropriations available; expense; construction expenses
Whenever and after any appropriation is made for constructing, reconstructing, developing, extending or equipping any state institution or its appurtenances within the jurisdiction of the state board, such board may prepare plans and specifications, advertise for bids and enter into contracts before the funds are made available for such appropriation either by tax levy, bond issue or otherwise.

The state board may pay for the cost of preparing plans and specifications and of advertising and awarding such contracts and the custodians of the state institutional construction fund may authorize the comptroller to withdraw temporarily from such fund or from the emergency fund sufficient moneys to pay any such necessary expenses before funds are received and become available to meet the appropriations. Moneys so expended shall be replaced immediately out of the appropriation funds when received.

No payment shall be made for the constructing, reconstructing, developing, extending or equipping such institutions or their appurtenances before the funds necessary to meet such appropriations have been collected and made available for such payments in accordance with the provisions of the appropriations, or in case of a bond issue, before the bonds are sold. In case of the sale of bonds, an agreement may be entered into with the purchaser to deliver the bonds in blocks or sufficient numbers, the proceeds of which will finance and pay the cost of construction as it proceeds.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016