New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-177.48 - Family Working Groups Established

30:4-177.48.Family working groups established
6. a. There are established three regional family working groups which shall consist of representatives from each county within a region. The division shall establish the regions. The regional family working groups shall assess regional needs for family support services and make recommendations to the Statewide family working group. Members shall be designated by the coordinator in conjunction with the Statewide family advocacy organization. Members shall serve without compensation and shall include a family member of a person with a serious mental illness, a person with a serious mental illness or other representative of a group interested in advocating for persons with serious mental illness and their families.

b. There is established a Statewide family working group which shall consist of three members from each of the regional family working groups in the State. Members shall be designated by the respective regional family working groups and shall serve without compensation. The Statewide family working group members shall monitor the support services from their respective regions and provide recommendations to the coordinator regarding family support services.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016