New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-25.17 - Court Review Of Order Every Six Months, Possible Actions.

30:4-25.17 Court review of order every six months, possible actions.
5. a. The court shall review its order to admit an individual to the MSU at least every six months. The court shall notify the Director of the MSU of the date of the review at least 30 days prior to that date.

b.The Director of the MSU shall, seven days prior to the court review, report to the court in writing regarding the status and progress of the individual admitted to the MSU, and shall send a copy of the report to the individual or his legal guardian, his legal representative, if applicable, the county prosecutor and any other person as ordered by the court.

c. (1) In the case of an individual admitted to the MSU as a condition of probation, the Director of the MSU may, as he determines appropriate, recommend to the court in his report that the individual be transferred to a less restrictive environment.

(2)The court may modify its order concerning probation in accordance with the recommendation of the Director of the MSU.

(3)If the order is modified, any further reports to the court required pursuant to this section shall be provided by the appropriate division employee or service provider.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016