New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-27.11 - Patient Rights.

30:4-27.11 Patient rights.

11.A patient admitted to a short-term care or psychiatric facility or special psychiatric hospital either on a voluntary or involuntary basis, or assigned to an outpatient treatment provider has the following rights:

a.The right to have examinations and services provided in the patient's primary means of communication including, as soon as possible, the aid of an interpreter if needed because the patient is of limited English-speaking ability or suffers from a speech or hearing impairment;

b.The right to a verbal explanation of the reasons for admission to the facility or assignment to the provider, as applicable, the availability of an attorney and the rights provided in P.L.1987, c.116 (C.30:4-27.1 et seq.) and P.L.2009, c.112; and

c.The right to be represented by an attorney and, if unrepresented or unable to afford an attorney, the right to be provided with an attorney paid for by the appropriate government agency. An attorney representing a patient has the right to inspect and copy the patient's clinical chart.

The clinical director of the facility, or the outpatient treatment provider, as appropriate, shall ensure that a written statement of the rights provided in P.L.1987, c.116 (C.30:4-27.1 et seq.) and P.L.2009, c.112 is provided to patients at the time of admission or assignment, as applicable, as soon as possible thereafter, and to patients and their families upon request.

L.1987, c.116, s.11; amended 2009, c.112, s.12.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016