New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-27.30 - Notice Of Court Hearing

30:4-27.30. Notice of court hearing
7. a. At least 10 days prior to a court hearing, the Attorney General shall cause notice of the court hearing to be served upon the person, the person's guardian if any, the person's next-of-kin, the person's attorney, the agency with jurisdiction having custody of the person and any other individual specified by the court. The notice shall contain the date, time and location of the court hearing. The person and the person's attorney shall also receive copies of the clinical certificates for a sexually violent predator and supporting documents, the temporary court order and a statement of the person's rights at the court hearing.

b.A psychiatrist on the person's treatment team who has conducted a personal examination of the person as close to the court hearing date as possible, but in no event more than five calendar days prior to the court hearing, shall testify at the hearing to the clinical basis for the need for involuntary commitment as a sexually violent predator. Other members of the person's treatment team and any other witness with relevant information offered by the person or the Attorney General shall also be permitted to testify at the hearing.

c.The person's next-of-kin may attend and, if the court so determines, may testify at the court hearing.

d.The court shall transcribe the court hearing and arrange for the payment of expenses related thereto in the same manner as for other court proceedings.

L.1998, c.71, s.7.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016