New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-56 - Judgment Of Commitment; Expense; Filing Fee.

30:4-56 Judgment of commitment; expense; filing fee.
30:4-56. The final judgment of commitment shall contain a determination of the legal settlement of the person with mental illness and shall provide for the payment of the expense of the care and treatment of the person. The judgment, together with the complaint or a certified copy thereof, shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county, who shall forward within 10 days after receipt of same a certified copy of the judgment, and in all cases a certified copy of the complaint on which the judgment is founded, to the chief executive officer of the institution to which the person is committed.

In the case of a person with mental illness against whom a final judgment of commitment has been entered, the county adjuster shall, within a reasonable period of time after the person is discharged from a psychiatric facility, provide the person or the person's parent, if the person is under the age of 18, with notice of the amount required to be paid by the terms of the court order.

At the time of making the final judgment, the court shall further tax a filing fee of $1.00 to be paid to the clerk for the use of the county in each case, which fee shall be paid in all nonindigent cases by the person made chargeable in the judgment, and in all indigent cases by the county in which the action is had unless the indigent person is chargeable to another county in which case such other county shall be liable for the fee.

Amended 1953, c.29, s.23; 1965, c.59, s.45; 1995, c.155, s.13; 2005, c.55, s.3.

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