New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-6.1 - Prosecutor Notified By Institution Or Parole Board Of Inmate Release; Process.

30:4-6.1. Prosecutor notified by institution or parole board of inmate release; process.

3. a. The chief executive officer of the institution in which an inmate is confined shall notify the prosecutor of the release of an inmate, unless the inmate is released on parole, in which case the State Parole Board shall notify the prosecutor of the release. The notification shall occur as follows:

(1)Written notification shall be provided 90 days before the inmate's anticipated release whenever possible, but in no event fewer than 30 days before release if such release is due to the expiration of the inmate's maximum term or is authorized by the State Parole Board or order of the Governor upon commutation of a sentence of incarceration;

(2)Immediate telephone notification shall be provided whenever possible, followed by written notification within 48 hours, of pre-trial release, escape from custody or return to custody following an escape of a defendant detained or incarcerated in a county or State penal institution, including the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center; and

(3)Advance written notification shall be provided whenever possible of any other release of an inmate from custody, including placement in an Intensive Supervision Program or other alternative disposition. If advance notification is not provided, notification shall be provided within 48 hours following release. All notice provided pursuant to this section shall include the inmate's name, identifying information, and anticipated residence.

L.1994,c.131,s.3; amended 2001, c.79, s.9.

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