New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-67.1 - Deposit And Maintenance Of Funds Of Inmates; Use Of Funds And Interest

30:4-67.1. Deposit and maintenance of funds of inmates; use of funds and interest
The chief executive officer of any institution coming within the jurisdiction of the Department of Institutions and Agencies is hereby empowered to deposit and maintain the funds of any inmate in a special fund for the use and benefit of said inmate, or for the payment of his maintenance in said institution, as a court of competent jurisdiction may by order direct. A general ledger shall be maintained in the office of each institution which shall contain a separate account for each inmate and indicate the amount on deposit for him.

Any interest paid by a bank or trust company wherein said fund is maintained may be utilized by the board of managers of said institution for the use, benefit and general welfare of the inmate population as a whole.

L.1938, c. 380, p. 950, s. 1, eff. June 14, 1938.

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