New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-77 - Settlement Of Claims; Funds For Rehabilitation

30:4-77. Settlement of claims; funds for rehabilitation
The commissioner, with regard to State institutions, or the board of chosen freeholders, or a proper committee thereof, with regard to county institutions, may compromise and settle any claim due a State institution or due the board of freeholders for the support of a patient. A memorandum of the compromise and settlement made by the commissioner shall be sent to the State institution affected thereby and with regard to a compromise and settlement made by a board of freeholders, or a committee thereof, same shall be entered in the official minutes of the proceedings of the board or committee.

When it appears that a patient having moneys on deposit at the institution is sufficiently recovered to be released on convalescent leave to the community and that such patient is without sufficient income or other funds to provide for his essential requirements of transportation, food, clothing, housing and the like for establishment of his normal life in the community until he becomes gainfully employed or otherwise provided for, the chief executive officer of the institution, in his discretion, may permit such patient to have a reasonable sum of money from his funds sufficient to meet such requirements and to enable the patient to become established in the community. A report of any such payments made shall be furnished the board of managers or the board of chosen freeholders, as the case may be, to be entered in the official minutes of the next succeeding meeting of the board.

Amended by L.1956, c. 39, p. 82, s. 1; L.1965, c. 59, s. 62.

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