New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-85 - Transfers Between Correctional Institutions; Transfer To State Prison; Authority Of Commissioner; Contracts With County Institutions

30:4-85. Transfers between correctional institutions; transfer to State prison; authority of commissioner; contracts with county institutions
Any inmate of any correctional institution as classified in section 30:1-7 of this Title may be transferred to any other such correctional institution by order of the commissioner directing such transfer, either upon the application of the chief executive officer or upon the initiative of the commissioner.

No inmate of the State Home for Boys or the State Home for Girls shall be transferred to the State Prison.

Any inmate of the State Home for Boys of the age of 15 years may be transferred from such home to the reformatory at Annandale or, if over the age of 16 years, to the reformatory at Bordentown, and any inmate of the State Home for Girls, over the age of 16 years, may be transferred from such home to the women's reformatory at Clinton.

Any inmate of a correctional institution for males, as classified in section 30:1-7 of this Title, of the age of 18 years, may be transferred to the State Prison if it shall appear, to the satisfaction of the commissioner after recommendation by a special classification review board appointed by the State board from among members of the department central office staff, that such inmate cannot properly be confined in such institution and that his transfer will operate for the general benefit and welfare of the inmate population of the institution from which he is to be transferred.

The commissioner may also contract, under the direction of the State board and in behalf of any institution where an inmate to be transferred may be, with the various governing bodies of counties in this State for the amount to be paid for maintenance of inmates of correctional institutions to be maintained in such county institutions, after transfer thereto by order of the commissioner, for such amounts as may be approved by the State House Commission, and such payments shall be taken from and paid out of the appropriation made annually for the maintenance of such person or persons in the State institution from whence he is or shall be transferred, and the commissioner shall have power to make such transfer in such cases as in the case of other transfers provided for in this section. Such transfers shall be made in accordance with the formally adopted rules of the State board.

Persons transferred shall be subject to rules, regulations and discipline of the institution in which they are confined, except in so far as they conflict with the rules and regulations of the State board.

Amended by L.1948, c. 203, p. 1002, s. 1; L.1957, c. 93, p. 180, s. 1.

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