New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4a-2 - Equipment, Staff And Administration

30:4A-2. Equipment, staff and administration
The diagnostic center shall be fully equipped with all modern scientific equipment and shall be provided with a staff of competent specialists in the field of medicine, psychiatry and psychology, to the end that full and complete diagnostic services will be available to any governmental agency desiring to secure a complete diagnosis of any individual having need for such services, prior to a final disposition of the case of such person, consistent with the best interests of the welfare of the person and the community. The diagnostic center shall be so administered as to furnish a complete physical and mental inventory of each individual committed to the care and custody of the department, thereby assuring commitment to the institution best suited to care for his particular case, development of the most effective curative or rehabilitative procedures in such case, and the most effective co-ordination of all the institutional facilities provided by the State.

Any person may apply for voluntary admission to the diagnostic center and shall be admitted upon good cause shown, after execution of the voluntary admission application and payment in advance of the full per capita cost for the period covered by the diagnostic services to be rendered.

L.1946, c. 118, p. 550, s. 2.

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