New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4c-20 - Order Terminating Parental Rights; Committing Child To Guardianship.

30:4C-20 Order terminating parental rights; committing child to guardianship.

20.If upon the completion of the hearing the court is satisfied that the best interests of the child require that the child be placed under proper guardianship, the court shall make an order terminating parental rights and committing the child to the guardianship and control of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency, and the child shall thereupon become the legal ward of the division, which shall be the legal guardian of the child for all purposes, including the placement of the child for adoption.

If the court shall have made an interlocutory order as provided in section 17 of P.L.1951, c.138 (C.30:4C-17), but at the final hearing a further order of commitment shall not be made as provided in this section, the Division of Child Protection and Permanency shall return the child forthwith to the parent or parents, guardian, or person having had custody of the child immediately prior to the filing of the petition; provided, however, that if the return does not ensure the safety of the child or if the parent or parents, guardian, or person having had custody cannot be found or, for other reason satisfactory to the court, is unable to accept the child, the division, upon order of the court, may place the child with such other person or persons who, at the time of final hearing, expressed willingness to accept the child, but the order shall in no wise be construed as a grant of custody or guardianship. In all such cases the interlocutory order shall continue in full force and effect until the division shall have made disposition of the child as provided herein or as otherwise provided by law, but in no case for a period longer than 30 days after the final hearing.

L.1951, c.138, s.20; amended 1962, c.197, s.21; 1999, c.53, s.32; 2012, c.16, s.71.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016