New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4c-4 - Powers Of Department Of Children And Families.

30:4C-4 Powers of Department of Children and Families.

4.The Department of Children and Families shall have the requisite powers to:

(a)Exercise general supervision over children for whom care, custody or guardianship is provided in accordance with Article II of this act;

(b)Administer the powers and duties provided in chapter 3 of Title 9 of the Revised Statutes (Adoption), as amended and supplemented, as the same may be delegated and assigned by the department;

(c)Administer the powers and duties as provided in chapter 7 of Title 9 of the Revised Statutes (dependent children; bringing into State), as amended and supplemented, as the same may be delegated and assigned by the commissioner;

(d)Administer the powers and duties provided in R.S.30:1-14 through 30:1-17 of chapter 1 of Title 30 of the Revised Statutes (visitation and inspection), as amended and supplemented with respect to institutions, organizations,and noninstitutional agencies for the care, custody, and welfare of children;

(e)Provide care and exercise supervision over children paroled or released from State correctional institutions for juveniles in accordance with rules and regulations;

(f)Make investigations or provide supervision of any child in this State at the request and on behalf of a public or private agency or institution of any other State;

(g)Meet and confer, as the unmet needs of New Jersey's children may require, with representatives of the public welfare boards and the private agencies and institutions for the care of children in this State in order that the programs of such boards, agencies, and institutions may be developed and fully utilized and that there may be a coordination of all public and private facilities for the protection and care of children;

(h)Issue such reasonable rules and regulations as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying into effect the meaning of this act, which rules and regulations shall be binding so far as they are consistent with such purpose;

(i)Promulgate rules and regulations as may be necessary as a basis for the provision for payment for services rendered by privately sponsored agencies or institutions to children under the care, custody or guardianship of the division. Such rules and regulations shall include, but shall not be limited to, standards of professional training, experience and practices, and requirements relating to the moral responsibility of the trustees, officers or other persons supervising or conducting the program, the adequacy of the facilities, the maintenance of adequate casework records, and the furnishing of comprehensive reports;

(j)Enter into written agreements with public, private or voluntary agencies to provide maintenance, related services, and youth facility aid to such agencies, subject to a preaward qualification review of the agency's fiscal and programmatic abilities and periodic reviews.

L.1951, c.138, s.4; amended 1962, c.197, ss.10,49; 1979, c.309, s.3; 2004, c.130, s.49; 2006, c.47, s.119; 2013, c.253, s.15.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016