New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4c-52 - Definitions.

30:4C-52 Definitions.

3.As used in P.L.1977, c.424 (C.30:4C-50 et seq.), unless the context indicates otherwise:

a."Child" means any person less than 18 years of age;

b."Child placed outside his home" means a child under the care, custody, or guardianship of the division who resides in a resource family home, group home, residential treatment facility, shelter for the care of abused or neglected children or juveniles considered as juvenile-family crisis cases, or independent living arrangement operated by or approved for payment by the division, or a child who has been placed by the division in the home of a person who is not related to the child and does not receive any payment for the care of the child from the division, or a child placed by the court in juvenile-family crisis cases pursuant to P.L.1982, c.77 (C.2A:4A-20 et seq.), but does not include a child placed by the court in the home of a person related to the child who does not receive any payment from the division for the care of the child;

c."County of supervision" means the county in which the division has established responsibility for supervision of the child;

d."Division" means the Division of Child Protection and Permanency in the Department of Children and Families;

e."Temporary caretaker" means a resource family parent as defined in section 1 of P.L.1962, c.136 (C.30:4C-26.4) or a director of a group home or residential treatment facility;

f."Designated agency" means an agency designated by the court pursuant to P.L.1982, c.80 (C.2A:4A-76 et seq.) to develop a family services plan.

L.1977, c.424, s.3; amended 1978, c.125, s.1; 1982, c.24, s.1; 1987, c.252, s.1; 1999, c.53, s.38; 2004, c.130, s.83; 2005, c.169, s.13; 2006, c.47, s.141; 2012, c.16, s.107.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016