New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4c-58.1 - Placement For Adoption

30:4C-58.1. Placement for adoption
When a child is placed in a home for the purpose of adoption, the division shall notify the family part of the Chancery Division of the Superior Court in the child's county of supervision in writing of the placement. Upon receipt of the notice, the board shall not schedule further reviews of the case unless:

a. The child is removed from the adoptive home;

b. The complaint for adoption was not filed within eight months of the placement and the filing of the complaint is not imminent; or

c. The plan for the child was modified so that immediate adoption by the stated adoptive parents no longer is the goal.

The division shall send the court and the board a status report on the case every four months. When a complaint for adoption has been filed, the division shall inform the court and no further board reviews shall be held while that action is pending.

When a judgment of adoption has been entered the court shall dismiss the complaint pursuant to section 4 of P.L. 1977, c. 424 (C. 30:4C-53).

If a child is placed in an adoptive home prior to the completion of the initial court review, the court shall retain jurisdiction to complete the review.

L. 1982, c. 24, s. 10; amended by L. 1984, c. 85, s. 4; 1987, c. 252, s. 6.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016