New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4d-19.3 - Definitions Relative To Intergovernmental Transfer Program Under Medicaid.

30:4D-19.3 Definitions relative to intergovernmental transfer program under Medicaid.

2.As used in this act:

"Bank" means a State or federally chartered bank, savings bank, or savings and loan association located in this State that is authorized to receive public funds and that is selected by the participating governmental entities to carry out the provisions of this act.

"Intergovernmental transfer" means the transfer of money to the State account by a participating governmental entity as contemplated by an intergovernmental transfer agreement.

"Intergovernmental transfer agreement" means an agreement among the State Treasurer, the Commissioners of Human Services and Health, and a participating governmental entity pertaining to participation in and implementation of the intergovernmental transfer program.

"Intergovernmental transfer program" or "program" means a program to enhance federal financial participation under the Medicaid program by using intergovernmental transfers.

"Medicaid" means the "New Jersey Medical Assistance and Health Services Program" established pursuant to P.L.1968, c.413 (C.30:4D-1 et seq.).

"Medicaid State plan" means the plan submitted by the State to the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in the Department of Health and Human Services, including any amendments thereto.

"Participant accounts" means the accounts maintained at the bank by each participating governmental entity for the purpose of effectuating the intergovernmental transfer program.

"Participating governmental entity" means any governmental entity that owns a nursing facility enrolled in the Medicaid program and qualifies for a supplemental payment under the Medicaid State plan, and which signs an intergovernmental transfer agreement.

"State account" means the account maintained at the bank by the State Treasurer for the purpose of the intergovernmental transfer program.

"Supplemental payment" means the Medicaid payment made by the State to a participating governmental entity for a specified fiscal year, as set forth and provided for in an intergovernmental transfer agreement.

L.2000, c.28, s.2; amended 2012, c.17, s.380.

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