New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4g-16.1 - Personal Assistance Consumer Bill Of Rights.

30:4G-16.1 Personal assistance consumer bill of rights.

10. There is established a personal assistance consumer bill of rights. Each consumer, and, as appropriate, each applicant:

a.Shall be treated with courtesy, respect, and full recognition of one's dignity, individuality, and right to control one's own household and lifestyle, including the identification and determination of one's own needs, schedules and the services necessary to meet these needs;

b.Shall be served by personal assistants or vendors who are properly trained and competent to perform their duties;

c.Shall receive services in compliance with all State laws and regulations without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, creed or disability in the provision or quality of services;

d.Shall be free from mental and physical abuse, neglect and exploitation, and shall be free from chemical and physical restraints;

e.Shall be accorded privacy while receiving services in communications and in all daily activities;

f.Shall be accorded respect for one's property rights;

g.Shall have one's personal, financial and medical records treated as confidential;

h.Shall be free to fully exercise one's civil and due process rights and to be assisted by a personal assistant or vendors as appropriate and necessary;

i.Shall receive in a timely manner all decisions regarding eligibility and amount and kind of services and the reasons therefor in writing and, if appropriate, orally, along with administrative hearings and appeals procedures;

j.Shall have access to a fair appeals process through which disputes can be resolved;

k.Shall receive written information regarding consumer standards and responsibilities in the personal assistance services program and to have them verbally explained as needed;

l.Shall have as few personal assistants entering one's home as possible;

m.Shall have the right to interview, screen and select one's personal assistant; and

n.Shall dismiss those personal assistants who do not respect consumer rights.

L.1993, c.215, s.10; amended 2009, c.160, s.4.

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