New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:6c-6 - Conviction Of Certain Offenses; Probation On Voluntary Admission To Hospital Or Other Facility For Care And Treatment

30:6C-6. Conviction of certain offenses; probation on voluntary admission to hospital or other facility for care and treatment
Any individual adjudged a disorderly person under the provisions of N.J.S. 2A:170-8, or under the provisions of chapter 113, P.L.1962, shall be placed upon probation on condition that such individual immediately voluntarily admit himself to a State or county mental hospital or other similar facility designated by the Commissioner of Institutions and Agencies, there to receive medical and other care and treatment designed to effect a cure for his condition and his rehabilitation, and on condition that such individual upon release or discharge from such hospital or similar facility receive specialized medically oriented aftercare treatment for the balance of the time that the individual shall remain on probation. Such period of hospital treatment shall not exceed the maximum period of confinement prescribed by law for the offense of which the individual is convicted.

If, prior to the expiration of the maximum term of confinement, the individual terminates medical treatment and leaves the hospital, he shall be returned to the court as a probation violator and the court may either commit him to a correctional institution until released in the manner provided by law or upon recommendation of the Commissioner of the Department of Institutions and Agencies commit him to a State or county mental hospital or similar facility designated by the commissioner, there to be confined for the period of time remaining if he had been sentenced to correctional confinement in the first instance, unless sooner released or discharged, in which event he shall return to a probation status.

L.1964, c. 226, s. 6.

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