New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:6d-11 - Individualized Habilitation Plan; Contents

30:6D-11. Individualized habilitation plan; contents
Such plan shall:

a. Include a statement of the long-term habilitation goals for such person and the intermediate objectives relating to the attainments of such goals. Such objectives shall be stated specifically and in sequence and shall be expressed in behavioral or other terms that provide measurable indices of progress;

b. Describe how the objectives will be achieved and the barriers that might interfere with the achievement of them;

c. State an objective criteria and an evaluation procedure and schedule for determining whether such objective and goals are being achieved;

d. Provide a coordinator who will be responsible for the implementation of the plan;

e. Specify habilitation services to be provided;

f. Describe the personnel, including their qualifications, necessary for the provision of the services described in such plan;

g. Specify the date of initiation and the anticipated duration of each service to be provided;

h. Specify the role and objectives of all parties to the implementation of the plan.

L.1977, c. 82, s. 11, eff. May 5, 1977.

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