New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:6d-60 - Center Of Excellence For Autism.

30:6D-60 Center of Excellence for Autism.

5. a. The council shall make awards of grants and contracts to public and nonprofit private entities to pay all or part of the cost of planning, establishing, improving and providing basic operating support for a Center of Excellence for Autism in the State where basic and applied biomedical research, diagnosis and treatment for autism shall take place.

b.The council shall define the scope of the programs to be undertaken at the center with the understanding that the center shall conduct:

(1)basic and clinical research into the cause, diagnosis, early detection, prevention, control and treatment of autism, including research in the fields of developmental neurobiology, genetics, psychopharmacology, neuroimaging, immunology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology and endocrinology;

(2)training programs on biomedical treatments, diagnosis and prevention for autism for physicians, scientists and other health care and allied health care professionals in the State; and

(3)information and continuing educational programs on the latest advances in biomedical research on autism for physicians and other health care and allied health care professionals who provide care for patients with autism in the State.

c.The center may carry out programs to make individuals in the State aware of opportunities to participate as subjects in research conducted by the center. The program may provide fees to these subjects. The program may, in accordance with guidelines established by the council, provide to these subjects health care, referrals for health and other services and such incidental services as will facilitate the participation of individuals as subjects.

d.The center may provide stipends for health care professionals enrolled in training programs established under paragraph (2) of subsection b. of this section.

e.The council may require the periodic preparation of reports on the activities of the center and the submission of the reports to the council.

f.The center shall use the facilities of a single medical facility or higher education medical institution, or be formed from a consortium of cooperating facilities or institutions, and shall meet any requirements as may be prescribed by the council, with the understanding that the work carried out at the center shall be comprehensive and fully collaborative.

L.1999, c.105, s.5; amended L.2007, c.168, s.5.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016