New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:6f-6 - Distribution Of Monies

30:6F-6. Distribution of monies
6. a. Monies in the Traumatic Brain Injury Fund shall be distributed by the Department of Human Services for the following purposes:

(1)as the payer of last resort, for the costs of post-acute care, services and financial assistance provided in this State to residents of this State who have survived neuro-trauma with a traumatic brain injury; and

(2)public information and prevention education coordinated by the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey.

b.The department, in consultation with the council, shall establish eligibility criteria for the post-acute care, services and financial assistance provided pursuant to this section. Expenditures for traumatic brain injury care shall be made by the department.

(1)Total expenditures on behalf of any one eligible person shall not exceed $100,000, with no more than $15,000 to be expended for any 12-month period; except that a person may apply to the department for a waiver of these expenditure limits.

(2)Expenditures shall be made only if comparable resources are not available or are not able to be delivered in a timely manner.

(3)To the extent of the assistance it has provided, the fund shall have first claim to any future monies received by the person with traumatic brain injury as the result of a settlement or other payment made in connection with the traumatic brain injury.

(4)In the event the department is unable to provide funds to all eligible persons, the department, in consultation with the council, may establish an order of selection.

c.The department shall accept applications for disbursements of available money from the fund and maintain records of all disbursements made from the fund and monies received as gifts and donations. The department shall utilize existing State resources and staff of participating State agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations whenever practicable.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016