New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:8-43 - Support Of Dependents

30:8-43. Support of dependents
When a prisoner has a wife, child or children or others legally dependent upon him, or her, for support, the earnings of such prisoner shall be disbursed through the county probation office to such dependents, or to the society or institution having the care or custody of such dependents, or any of them, as the court may direct, and the order of the court relative to payments of such earnings may be modified at any time thereafter as the court may determine, but the court may order that the fines, penalty assessments, restitution, and costs may be first charged against and deducted from the earnings of such prisoner. The county governing body shall make rules and regulations relative to the disposition of the earnings of all prisoners, and may designate an officer or employee of the county as the disbursing agent of such funds.

When the earnings of any such prisoner have been unclaimed for a period of one year after the discharge of any such prisoner from imprisonment, the county probation officer shall pay to the county treasurer of the county such unclaimed sums of money, for the use of the county; provided, however, that at any time within two years after such moneys have been turned over to the use of the county, any person or persons claiming to own the said money, in addition to any other remedy now provided by law, may make application, upon giving ten days' prior notice thereof to the county treasurer, to the court for an order declaring such moneys to be the property of such person or persons, and ordering the same to be returned to such person or persons by the county treasurer. Upon proof that such person or persons are entitled to said moneys, the court shall issue an order directing the county treasurer to pay such moneys over to such person, which order and payment shall be a valid and sufficient release and discharge of the county treasurer.

Amended by L. 1948, c. 17, p. 65, s. 1; L. 1953, c. 29, p. 536, s. 55; L. 1985, c. 251, s. 6, eff. July 31, 1985.

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