New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9-12.21 - Commitment Upon Application After Notice And Hearing

30:9-12.21. Commitment upon application after notice and hearing
Commitments to the said institution may also be made by any such judge or magistrate upon a determination, after notice and hearing, that a person is suffering from acute alcoholism. Application for such a commitment may be made to the said court or judge by a person having an interest therein by reason of relationship or marriage or by a police officer, sheriff, municipal or county director of welfare or person charged with the care and relief of the poor where the person charged as suffering from acute alcoholism may reside. Every such application shall be supported by a certificate in writing, under oath, executed by 2 physicians who are permanent residents and duly licensed to practice medicine in this State. Each such certificate shall set forth the date of the making of the examination which shall be within 10 days of the date of the making of the application to the said judge or magistrate and shall set forth the facts and circumstances on which the opinions of such physicians are based and shall include a precise personal description sufficient to identify the person so examined and of the facts relating thereto and shall further certify that the condition of the person examined is such as to require care and treatment in an institution for acute alcoholics. Every such application shall be heard in a summary manner, without a jury, and the said judge or magistrate shall, by order, fix the time for the hearing which shall be not less than 10 days after the service of a notice of hearing upon the person so charged. The person charged shall be entitled to counsel and any order of commitment made upon such application shall be subject to review by the Superior Court in a proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ. The judge or magistrate may require the testimony at the hearing to be taken and transcribed by a court reporter and the expense thereof shall be paid by the county treasurer of the county, on order of the board of chosen freeholders, in the same manner as other court expenses chargeable to a county are paid. In connection with any such commitment the judge or magistrate shall determine the indigency or nonindigency of the person committed and make an appropriate order for the payment to the institution of the cost of maintaining the person committed in such institution. Pending any such application the judge or magistrate may order the temporary detention of the person charged to be suffering from acute alcoholism in such institution for observation and treatment where it appears that such temporary detention is needed for the welfare and safety of the said person. No commitment or temporary commitment upon any such application shall continue for more than 90 days and the commitment may be terminated sooner if the judge or magistrate shall so order, upon application of the board of managers, and the certificate of a physician on the staff of the said institution that maximum treatment has been given to the person committed.

L.1956, c. 213, p. 769, s. 6.

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