New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9-23.20 - Powers, Duties Of Authority.

30:9-23.20 Powers, duties of authority.
6. a. The authority shall exercise its powers and duties to manage and operate a hospital owned by it through a contract or contracts with a manager, which may be entered into without public advertising for bid as otherwise required pursuant to the provisions of section 3 of P.L.1971, c.198 (C.40A:11-3); provided, however, that the primary responsibility of operating the hospital shall remain that of the authority.

b.The initial duration of a contract shall not exceed five years. A contract entered into pursuant to this subsection may be renewed for an additional period, not to exceed five years. A contract entered into more than ten years from the date of the initial contract shall be negotiated as a new contract and not as a renewal contract.

c.A contract, or a renewal thereof, with a manager to manage and operate a hospital owned by the authority shall be effective only with the prior written consent of the Local Finance Board, which shall consult with the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services. The Local Finance Board shall establish an application procedure, submission requirements, and set minimum standards and content that shall be included in any contract with a nonprofit entity to manage and operate a hospital owned by the authority.

A contract with a manager shall provide that, in addition to such other matters as determined to be necessary by the authority or as otherwise required by law or regulation:

(1)The authority or its agents, and the city or its agents, shall have independent access to the books and records of the hospital at all times;

(2)The Governor of the State of New Jersey shall appoint an individual to serve on the board of directors of the manager during the term of the contract, including renewals; and

(3)Other than for routine, day-to-day business activities, the authority shall have the final determination regarding the acquisition and disposition of assets, or the incurring of debt or expenses.

d.When contracting with a manager, the authority shall approve the individuals that the manager proposes to designate as the hospital's chief executive officer and chief financial officer, by whatever title, and any change thereof and shall also approve contracts or other arrangements setting forth terms and conditions of employment for those positions.

e.An authority shall take the following actions pursuant to any requirements that may be established by the Local Finance Board:

(1)adopt a management plan for the hospital, including monitoring and review methods of financial activities;

(2)set minimum requirements for meetings of the authority, and minimum attendance requirements for members;

(3)establish a formal mechanism for communication among the members of the authority's board, hospital administrators and medical staff;

(4)form a finance committee, which shall be responsible for the oversight of the finances of the authority, and delineate the duties and obligations of the finance committee; and

(5)include minimum provisions that shall be included in a contract with a manager. Such provisions shall include the submission of an annual budget of the hospital and of the nonprofit manager by the manager for the approval of the authority. The approval of these items shall be conditioned upon the approval of the authority's annual budget pursuant to the "Local Authorities Fiscal Control Law," P.L.1983, c.313 (C.40A:5A-1 et seq.). The budget and any supporting documents as may be required by the Division of Local Government Services shall be submitted to the division as part of the submission of the authority's annual budget.


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