New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9-23 - Purchase Of Lands And Erection Of Buildings For New City Hospitals In Cities Of First Class; Contracts

30:9-23. Purchase of lands and erection of buildings for new city hospitals in cities of first class; contracts
The lands to be purchased and the building or buildings to be erected pursuant to section 30:9-21 shall be purchased, erected and furnished by the board of trustees appointed pursuant to section 30:9-22 of this title, and the money arising from the sale of the bonds hereinbefore authorized shall be placed to the credit of such board of trustees, to be expended for the purposes aforesaid. All work and labor done and materials furnished in the erection and furnishing of such buildings shall be done and furnished by contract, which contract shall be awarded upon at least two weeks' advertisement in two newspapers circulating within the county in which such hospital buildings shall be erected, to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders for the same; and such contract shall be awarded by such board of trustees, with the concurrence of the mayor of such city and of the municipal board or body in such city having charge and control of the finances of such city.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016