New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9-3 - Bylaws, Rules, Regulations Of County Psychiatric Facility

30:9-3. Bylaws, rules, regulations of county psychiatric facility
The governing body of the county may adopt bylaws, rules and regulations for the management and government of a county psychiatric facility; the admission, support and discharge of patients; the appointment of a superintendent and other employees and officers. But, the rules and regulations governing the admission and discharge of patients shall be in compliance with the provisions of P.L.1987, c. 116 and shall be subject to the written approval of both the commissioner and the governing body of the county.

The governing body shall also fix the compensation of officers and employees and may at any time by vote of two-thirds of its members remove an officer or employee. The expense of erecting, establishing, furnishing, maintaining and operating the psychiatric facility shall be paid by the county treasurer from funds raised by taxation as other county expenses are paid.

The governing body may also select an appropriate name by which the psychiatric facility shall thereafter be known.

Amended by L. 1987, c. 116, s. 27.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016