New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9a-23 - Definitions Relative To Youth Suicide.

30:9A-23 Definitions relative to youth suicide.

2.As used in this act:

"Alcohol and drug counselor" means a person who is a certified alcohol and drug counselor or a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor pursuant to P.L.1997, c.331 (C.45:2D-1 et seq.).

"Attempted suicide" means destructive behavior intended by the actor to result in the actor's harm or death.

"Certified Domestic Violence Specialist" means a person who has fulfilled the requirements of certification as a Domestic Violence Specialist established by the New Jersey Association of Domestic Violence Professionals.

"Completed suicide" means a death that is known or reasonably suspected to have resulted from an intentional act of the deceased, regardless of whether it has been ruled a suicide by a medical examiner.

"Council" means the New Jersey Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council established pursuant to this act.

"Division" means the Division of Mental Health Services in the Department of Human Services.

"Teaching staff member" means a member of the professional staff of any school district, regional board of education or the board of trustees of a charter school, or any board of education of a county vocational school, who holds an office, position or employment of such character that the qualifications for the office, position or employment require the member to hold a valid and effective standard, provisional or emergency certificate, appropriate to the member's office, position or employment, issued by the State Board of Examiners. Teaching staff member includes a school nurse and a school athletic trainer.

"Youth" means a person 24 years of age or younger.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016