New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:109-3 - Referendum Act; Mayor And Council; Boards And Officers; Public Utility Plants And Improvements; Ordinances And Finance

40:109-3. Referendum act; mayor and council; boards and officers; public utility plants and improvements; ordinances and finance
L.1899, c. 52, p. 96 (C.S. pp. 1336 to 1367, s.s. 2565 to 2653), entitled "An act relating to and providing for the government of cities of this state containing a population of less than twelve thousand inhabitants," approved March twenty-first, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine, saved from repeal, together with amendments and supplements approved on the following dates:

March 13, 1900 (L.1900, c. 25, p. 42; C.S. p. 1355, s. 2623).

March 23, 1900 (L.1900, c. 168, p. 410; C.S. p. 1344, s. 2583).

March 20, 1901 (L.1901, c. 65, p. 136; C.S. p. 1337, s. 2573).

March 22, 1901 (L.1901, c. 118, p. 259; C.S. p. 1363, s. 2645).

April 8, 1902 (L.1902, c. 197, p. 632; C.S. p. 1367, s. 2654).

April 28, 1905 (L.1905, c. 199, p. 363; C.S. pp. 1344, 1362, 1363, s.s. 2585, 2643 to 2645).

May 2, 1911 (L.1911, c. 352, p. 735; 1924 Suppl. s.s. 38-2623 to 38-2625).

March 25, 1912 (L.1912, c. 153, p. 221; 1924 Suppl. s. 38-2582a).

March 31, 1913 (L.1913, c. 164, p. 269; 1924 Suppl. s.s. 38-2607a to 38-2607k).

July 2, 1929 (L.1929, c. 355, p. 790).

June 15, 1935 (L.1935, c. 275, p. 883).

[This act, together with its amendments and supplements, applies to all cities of less than twelve thousand inhabitants, and provides for the government of those which adopt it. It provides the method of adoption in such cities and also provides for its adoption in territory which is not all under the jurisdiction of one city. The mayor holds office for two years, except in cities located in certain counties, where, by virtue of a 1929 amendment, the term is four years. (See note.) Each city governed by this act is divided into two or more wards. Where there are only two wards, three councilmen are elected from each ward, and where there are more than two wards only one councilman is elected from each ward. Certain other elective officers are provided for and all other officers are appointed by the council. The council is empowered to pass certain ordinances and fix penalties for their violation. A police court is established to try these and other matters. There is a board of assessment of taxes, a board of education to govern the school district which is coextensive and coterminous with the boundaries of the city, and a board of commissioners of assessment for improvements. The city council is empowered to purchase or condemn public utility plants, make improvements, condemn lands, and assess for benefits. All matters relating to taxation, water rents and other financial matters are provided for and regulated by this act.]

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