New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:10a-7 - Powers And Responsibilities Of Local Historian; Annual Report

40:10A-7. Powers and responsibilities of local historian; annual report
A local historian shall have the following powers and responsibilities, except as otherwise provided in the ordinance or resolution creating the position:

a. To carry out an historical program, including but not restricted to collecting, preserving and making available materials relating to the history of the local unit. The historian shall store such materials in such manner as to insure their preservation, and shall notify the State Archivist, New Jersey Historical Commission, county local historian and local governing body of any materials which should be acquired for preservation. Upon leaving the position, the local historian shall turn over all materials and records and reports into the possession of the successor, if then appointed, or to the governing body until a successor shall be appointed;

b. The local historian shall make an annual report to the chief executive officer and governing body of the local unit stating all the work performed and accomplished during that year. The local historian shall transmit a copy of such report to the New Jersey Historical Commission. The New Jersey Historical Commission may advise each county historian and municipal historian of general guidelines along which their historical program may be implemented;

c. The local historian may research, write and cause to have published a county or municipal history, and may recommend appropriate historical materials for publication;

d. The local historian may assist a landmark commission, as well as advise the governing body, concerning the acquisition, administration, use and disposition of any landmark, or historic site, including such places in his jurisdiction included on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. Such advice may be furnished to the Historic Sites Section, Department of Environmental Protection;

e. The local historian shall assist in projects of commemoration, including the erection of monuments, historic markers and guide signs.

L.1979, c. 59, s. 7, eff. March 27, 1979.

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