New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:11-17 - Salaries Not Affected By 1930 Census Or Reclassification Act; Exceptions

40:11-17. Salaries not affected by 1930 census or reclassification act; exceptions
The promulgation or taking effect of the Federal census for the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty, or the passage of an act for the reclassification of counties of this State, shall not operate to increase or decrease the salary or compensation of any officer or employee of any county or municipality except the salaries of county clerks, registers of deeds and mortgages, sheriffs and surrogates of the several counties. All such officers and employees shall continue to receive salary or compensation at the rate received by them on April twenty-seventh, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one, except as aforesaid.

The promulgation or taking effect of said census shall not operate to fill, in the several counties and municipalities, any additional offices or employments, or grant any pension or increase any pension paid on the date above mentioned.

Amended by L.1947, c. 363, p. 1172, s. 1; L.1948, c. 45, p. 130, s. 1.

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