New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:14-4 - Joint Action; Authorization; Plans And Specifications.

40:14-4 Joint action; authorization; plans and specifications.

40:14-4. Whenever the work of increasing the depth or width or both of such inland waterways or navigable stream is contemplated, each county and municipality desiring to enter into the project shall, by its board or body having control of such waterway or navigable stream, introduce and pass a resolution, declaring the advisability of so doing.

The resolution shall set forth, in a general way, the work proposed to be done and its estimated cost, and after all of the counties and municipalities contemplating the doing of such work have passed such a resolution, a proposed form of agreement shall be prepared between them, setting forth the work or works to be undertaken, the plans and specifications therefor, and the estimated cost, together with the proportion of the cost thereof to be borne by each, and any other provisions deemed necessary or proper, to be inserted therein.

The work of removing abandoned vessels shall not require joint action unless it is part of a program to remove more than three abandoned vessels from the inland waterway or navigable stream.

Amended 2008, c.52, s.19.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016