New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:14b-19 - Purposes, Acquisition Of Facilities; Alternative Electrical Energy.

40:14B-19 Purposes, acquisition of facilities; alternative electrical energy.

19. (a) The purposes of every municipal authority shall be (1) the provision and distribution of an adequate supply of water for the public and private uses of the local units, and their inhabitants, within the district, and (2) the relief of waters in or bordering the State from pollution arising from causes within the district and the relief of waters in, bordering or entering the district from pollution or threatened pollution, and the consequent improvement of conditions affecting the public health, (3) the provision of sewage collection and disposal service within or without the district, and (4) the provision of water supply and distribution service in such areas without the district as are permitted by the provisions of this act, and (5) the provision of solid waste services and facilities within or without the district in a manner consistent with the "Solid Waste Management Act," P.L.1970, c.39 (C.13:1E-1 et seq.) and in conformance with the solid waste management plans adopted by the solid waste management districts created therein, and (6) the generation, transmission and sale of hydroelectric power at wholesale, (7) the operation and maintenance of utility systems owned by other governments located within the district through contracts with said governments, and (8) in the case of an authority that is a pilot county utilities authority, to fund improvements to county infrastructure pursuant to the provisions of subsection b. of section 40 of P.L.1957, c.183 (C.40:14B-40).

(b)Every municipal authority is hereby authorized, subject to the limitations of this act, to acquire, in its own name but for the local unit or units, by purchase, gift, condemnation or otherwise, lease as lessee, and, notwithstanding the provisions of any charter, ordinance or resolution of any county or municipality to the contrary, to construct, maintain, operate and use such reservoirs, basins, dams, canals, aqueducts, standpipes, conduits, pipelines, mains, pumping and ventilating stations, treatment, purification and filtration plants or works, trunk, intercepting and outlet sewers, water distribution systems, waterworks, sources of water supply and wells at such places within or without the district, such compensating reservoirs within a county in which any part of the district lies, and such other plants, structures, boats and conveyances, as in the judgment of the municipal authority will provide an effective and satisfactory method for promoting purposes of the municipal authority.

(c)Every municipal authority is hereby authorized and directed, when in its judgment its sewerage system or any part thereof will permit, to collect from any and all public systems within the district all sewage and treat and dispose of the same in such manner as to promote purposes of the municipal authority.

(d)Every municipal utilities authority is authorized to promote the production and use of alternative electrical energy by contracting with producers of alternative electrical energy for the installation, construction, maintenance, repair, renewal, relocation, or removal of alternative electrical energy systems, and for the purchase of excess alternative electrical energy generated by a producer of alternative electrical energy. Any purchase or sale of alternative electrical energy where such energy is distributed using the infrastructure of a public utility, as that term is defined in R.S.48:2-13, shall include the payment by the purchaser of all relevant non-bypassable charges as provided for in the "Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act," P.L.1999, c.23 (C.48:3-49 et al.).

L.1957,, c.183, s.19; amended 1977, c.384, s.9; 1980, c.34, s.6; 2007, c.306, s.2; 2013, c.190, s.4.

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