New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:15a-2 -

40:15A-2 "Yellow Dot Program," establishment permitted.

2. a. The local governing body of any county or municipality in this State may establish a "Yellow Dot Program." The purpose of a "Yellow Dot Program" is to provide emergency responders with critical health and emergency contact information about program participants so that emergency responders may aid program participants when those individuals are involved in motor vehicle emergencies or accidents and are unable to communicate.

b.A Yellow Dot Program window decal on a motor vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident or emergency shall serve as notice to an emergency responder assisting the vehicle that the driver or any passenger in the vehicle may be a participant in a Yellow Dot Program established pursuant to this act.

c.If a motor vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident or emergency, and a Yellow Dot Program window decal is affixed to the vehicle, an emergency responder at the scene of such accident or emergency is authorized to search the glove compartment of the vehicle for a Yellow Dot Program envelope and health information card.

d.An emergency responder may use the information contained in the Yellow Dot Program envelope for the following purposes:

(1)To identify a participant in the Yellow Dot Program;

(2)To ascertain whether the program participant has a medical condition that may impede communications with the emergency responder;

(3)To communicate with the program participant's emergency contacts about the location and general condition of the program participant; or

(4)To consider the program participant's current medications and pre-existing medical conditions when emergency medical treatment is administered for any injury the participant suffers.

L.2013, c.191, s.2.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016