New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:20-12 - Ballots; Form And Content; Sample Ballots

40:20-12. Ballots; form and content; sample ballots
The ballots to be used for the submission of this question at the presidential primaries shall be provided by the same officer and in the same manner as the primary ballots and shall be distributed to the different election boards in the same manner and by the same officials. Sample copies thereof shall be distributed at the same time as the sample presidential delegate ballots but of a different color.

The ballots to be used in voting for the acceptance or rejection of sections 40:20-2 to 40:20-19 of this title shall be numbered from one upward, and there shall be provided twice the number as shall be deemed to be necessary, and the ballots to be used shall be distributed in the polling place, and in no other place and at no other time, and shall conform as nearly as possible with the ballot to be used at the primary election, except as to size. They shall contain the question in substantially the following form:

"To vote upon the public question printed below, if in favor thereof mark a cross (X) or plus (+) in the square at the left of the word YES, and if opposed thereto mark a cross (X) or plus (+) in the square at the left of the word NO.

"Shall the county of ........

[ ] YES reorganize its board of chosen freeholders

under the provisions of sections 40:20-2

[ ] NO to 40:20-19 of the title Municipalities

and Counties of the Revised Statutes?"

If no mark is placed in either square, the ballot shall not be counted for or against the proposition, but a note thereof shall be made upon the return, and the ballot shall be preserved in the same manner as the other ballots.

Sections 40:20-2 to 40:20-19 of this title shall be construed to permit every legal voter of the county, irrespective of his party or lack of party affiliations, to cast a vote upon the question of the adoption or rejection of the provisions of said sections 40:20-2 to 40:20-19.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016