New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:28-3 - Power To Construct, Operate, Lease And Regulate Airports

40:28-3. Power to construct, operate, lease and regulate airports
Any county which has acquired lands for airport purposes may:

Buildings. a. Construct thereon buildings for the purpose of providing storage space or hangars for airplanes, storage for oil, gasoline, repair parts, equipment and accessories for airplanes, and fully equip, maintain and operate the same or portions thereof so as to provide complete equipment for landing, servicing, supplying, storing and repairing airplanes, and for the service and accommodation of passengers and freight transported by air;

Operate or lease. b. Operate, conduct, carry on and maintain such airport or any portion or department thereof, or lease any portion, activity or department thereof to any person for such period and upon such terms as shall be approved by the board of chosen freeholders;

Rules for operation and use; penalties for violation. c. Adopt regulations and rules governing the operation and maintenance of such airport and the use thereof by all persons either as operators of aircraft, lessees, licensees or otherwise, and establish by resolution penalties for the violation thereof, not to exceed one hundred dollars fine or thirty days imprisonment, or both.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016