New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-131.1 - Additional Bonds; Issuance; Maximum Amount; Proceeds

40:37-131.1. Additional bonds; issuance; maximum amount; proceeds
To meet the further expenses to be incurred by counties of the first class under the provisions of sections 40:37-96 to 40:37-174 of the Revised Statutes, to which this act is a supplement, for the acquisition, development and improvement of parks and parkways, in counties of the first class in this State, in which said sections of the Revised Statutes are, or shall hereafter be, operative, the board of chosen freeholders in any such county may, from time to time, in addition to any bonds theretofore authorized by law, on the request of the board of park commissioners in any such county, in the name and on the credit of the said county, borrow money by issuing the bonds of said county to a sum not exceeding in the aggregate $500,000.00 over and above the total amount theretofore authorized by law. Such bonds shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of chapter 2 of Title 40A of the New Jersey Statutes (sections 40A:2-1 et seq.). The proceeds of the sale of the said bonds after deducting expenses for negotiating the same and for engraving, and all other expenses connected with their issue and sale, shall be paid over to the said park commission.

L.1963, c. 115, s. 1, eff. June 25, 1963.

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