New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-144 - Contracts For Elimination Of Grade Crossings

40:37-144. Contracts for elimination of grade crossings
The commission may enter into contracts with any municipality within which are located lands of the commission, and with any railroad company whose road divides such lands, to permit and facilitate the construction and maintenance of other than grade crossings of park roads, parkways, public ways, streets, roads or avenues, or make more convenient the access to the park lands so divided by the right of way of the railroad company from one to the other, or otherwise to effectuate the purposes of sections 40:37-96 to 40:37-174 of this title.

In connection therewith the commission may contract with such municipality to vacate ways, streets, roads or avenues, or portions thereof, which border upon, are bounded by, or are included within lands of the commission and to locate, lay out, open, curb, gutter, pave, repave, construct sidewalks on, or alter the lines and change the grade of public ways, streets, roads or avenues in the lands of the commission, as and where and in such manner as may be determined by the terms of the contact. For these purposes the commission may dedicate, by resolution, such part of its lands as may be necessary, to public use as a public way, road, street or avenue.

The commission shall file with the county clerk, or register of deeds, as the case may be, a map of so much of the park or lands owned by it, and the environs as may be necessary to show the land intended to be dedicated for use as a public way, road, street or avenue.

The cost and expenses of any such changes and improvements shall be borne by the commission, municipality and railroad company in such shares or proportions as may be provided in the contract. Any such municipality is hereby authorized to enter into and perform any such contract.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016