New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-154.1 - Vacancies In Park Police System Caused By Entry Into Armed Forces During War; Substitutes

40:37-154.1. Vacancies in park police system caused by entry into armed forces during war; substitutes
Whenever one or more vacancies occur in the park police system established by the park commission of any county having a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants now governed by the provisions of sections 40:37-96 to 40:37-174 of Title 40 of the Revised Statutes, and such vacancies occur by reason of the entry of one or more policemen into the military or naval service of the United States during the present war, the county park commission may appoint temporarily one or more substitutes on full or part time to perform the duties of such policemen during his or their absence; provided, however, the employment of such person or persons shall continue only during the present state of war, unless such employment be sooner terminated by the appointing authority, and such appointees shall not be regular members of the park police system and neither they nor their dependents shall be members of or entitled to any benefits from either the park police pension or retirement fund managed and controlled by the park commission or any pension fund existing in the county in which they are appointed; provided further, however, that the provisions of this act shall not apply to any regular appointment made by the appointing authority to fill a vacancy not caused by the entry of a member of the department into the armed forces.

L.1943, c. 55, p. 251, s. 1, eff. March 27, 1943.

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