New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-201.1 - Powers Of Commission As To Use And Enjoyment Of Parks; Franchises; Use Of Proceeds From Operation

40:37-201.1. Powers of commission as to use and enjoyment of parks; franchises; use of proceeds from operation
The commission may provide and operate, or arrange for the operation of, such facilities for the use and enjoyment of its parks by the public as it may deem to be necessary and expedient. It may also provide, at its discretion, by a proper rule or regulation, for the terms upon which and the manner in which all of such facilities may be used; but nothing herein contained shall be deemed to authorize the commission to issue or consent to licenses, privileges or franchises to individuals or corporations for the operation for private profit of any facility, utility or devise within the park, except upon terms which will provide for limiting the operation of such license, privilege or franchise to a period not exceeding twenty years in any event. No franchise shall be awarded except after advertisement published at least once, ten days prior to the date fixed for receiving bids, in a newspaper circulating in the county, designating the time and place of the meeting at which the bids will be received; and no franchise shall be awarded except to the responsible person or persons who will, in open competition, offer to pay to the commission the highest return for such franchise; and no license or privilege shall be let or awarded except upon terms reserving to the commission the power to revoke the same for cause.

The commission may provide for the pleasurable use, subject to rules and regulations, of its parks or any portion or portions thereof for general park purposes, and also by campers, camping parties, vacation outings of societies organized and operated not for pecuniary profit and by vacationists in general, upon such terms as the commission shall fix and either with or without financial compensation to the commission as it shall deem proper.

The commission shall always have power, at any time, to close the grounds or any part thereof and the buildings thereon and the privileges thereof to the public or to any individual or individuals or to any group of individuals, party or society and, without legal procedure, to evict and remove such persons and their belongings from the buildings and grounds of its parks or portions thereof when, by the determination of the commission, it is to the interest of the county or of the public or of the park so to do. All proceeds derived from the operation of such facilities or from any of the operations of the commission shall be used by such commission for the development and management of its parks, any general or special law to the contrary notwithstanding.

L.1939, c. 360, p. 868, s. 1, eff. Oct. 9, 1939.

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