New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-239 - Sale Of Real Estate In Certain Cases; Vacation Of Roadways

40:37-239. Sale of real estate in certain cases; vacation of roadways
If the commission shall by resolution determine that any real estate, or part thereof, acquired under sections 40:37-195 to 40:37-247 of this title, is no longer required for park purposes, it may sell and convey the same or exchange it for other real estate. Whenever any real estate was conveyed to the commission for park or boulevard purposes only the commission may reconvey the same to the grantor or his heirs, successors or assigns. The commission may also, by resolution, vacate or surrender any roadway, parkway or boulevard, within its jurisdiction or control.

All such conveyances heretofore or hereafter made by the commission shall be valid and effectual in law, and shall convey all the right, title and interest of the commission and of the county in which the real estate is situate, and of the public, in and to such real estate.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016