New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37a-47.1 - Legislative Determination

40:37A-47.1. Legislative determination
1. It is hereby found and declared: (a) that there are located within this State various federal installations comprising substantial tracts of land including, in many cases, buildings and other improvements thereon; (b) that, as the defense and other requirements and plans of the federal government continue to change and develop, large areas of such lands are liable to become surplus to the needs of the federal government and it is probable that such surplus areas will from time to time be disposed of by the federal government and become available for other use and development; (c) that, unless developed or redeveloped in the public interest on a comprehensive basis and under appropriate controls, any such surplus land, when so disposed of by the federal government, will constitute or be in danger of becoming a blighted area which will impair economic values and tax revenues, result in increased unemployment, and cause an increase in and spread of poverty, disease and crime, and accordingly be a menace to the health, safety, morals and welfare of residents of this State necessitating excessive and disproportionate expenditure of public funds for relief, crime prevention and punishment, public health and safety, and other public services and facilities; (d) that the several counties of this State, by means and through the agency of or services provided by a county improvement authority, are best qualified and able to provide for public acquisition of such surplus lands and accordingly the orderly development and redevelopment thereof in the public interest in order to remove or prevent the conditions hereinabove recited and to encourage industrial, commercial, residential or other proper uses of such lands or restore or increase employment opportunities for residents of this State; and (e) that the acquisition of such surplus lands and development or redevelopment thereof as aforesaid are public uses and purposes for which public funds may be expended and private property taken or acquired, and are governmental functions of State concern. The necessity in the public interest for the provisions hereinafter enacted is hereby declared as a matter of legislative determination.

L.1962,c.224,s.1; amended 1994,c.76,s.2.

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