New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37a-57 - Facility Charges

40:37A-57. Facility charges
Every authority is hereby authorized to charge and collect tolls, rents, rates, fares, fees or other charges (in this act sometimes referred to as "facility charges") in connection with, or for the use or services of, or otherwise relating to, any public facility or other property owned, leased or controlled by the authority. If the public facility is a system of solid waste disposal, including, but not limited to, a resource recovery facility, recycling plant or transfer station owned, leased or controlled by the authority, the authority may charge and collect in connection with that system from any governmental unit included within the jurisdiction of the authority or which contracts for service with that authority or from any owner or occupant of any real property situated in a constituent municipality or in a municipality which contracts for service with that authority. Such facility charges may be charged to and collected from any governmental unit or person and such governmental unit or person shall be liable for and shall pay such facility charges to the authority at the time when and place where such facility charges are due and payable.

L. 1960, c. 183, s. 14; amended 1968,c.66,s.3; 1982,c.113,s.9; 1988,c.140.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016