New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37a-79 - Appropriations By County Or Municipality

40:37A-79. Appropriations by county or municipality
36. For the purpose of aiding an authority and co-operating in the planning, undertaking, acquisition, construction or operation of any public facility, the county or any beneficiary county by resolution of its governing body, or any municipality in the county or beneficiary county by ordinance of its governing body, shall have power from time to time and for such period and upon such terms, with or without consideration, as may be provided by such resolution or ordinance and accepted by the authority (a) to appropriate moneys for the purposes of the authority, and to loan or donate such money to the authority in such installments and upon such terms as may be agreed upon with the authority, (b) to covenant and agree with the authority to pay to or on the order of the authority annually or at shorter intervals as a subsidy for the promotion of its purposes not exceeding such sums of money as may be stated in such resolution or ordinance or computed in accordance therewith, (c) upon authorization by it in accordance with law of the performance of any act or thing which it is empowered by law to authorize and perform and after appropriation of the moneys (if any) necessary for such performance, to covenant and agree with the authority to do and perform such act or thing and as to the time, manner and other details of its doing and performance, and (d) to appropriate money for all or any part of the cost of acquisition or construction of such public facility, and, in accordance with the limitations and any exceptions thereto and in the manner or mode of procedure prescribed by the local bond law to incur indebtedness, borrow money and issue its negotiable bonds for the purpose of financing such public facility and appropriation, and to pay the proceeds of such bonds to the authority.

L.1960,c.183,s.36; amended 1994,c.76,s.9.

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