New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37d-6 - County Food Processing And Distribution Center

40:37D-6. County food processing and distribution center
6. a. An authority created pursuant to section 4 of this act is authorized to acquire by purchase, establish, develop, construct, operate, maintain, repair, reconstruct, restore, improve and otherwise effectuate a food processing and distribution center. The center shall be known as the ".....county food processing and distribution center," with all or any significant part of the name of the county inserted, and shall be located in that county of this State. The center shall consist, as the authority may determine, of one or more buildings, structures, facilities, properties and appurtenances incidental and necessary to a center suitable for the processing and distribution of food on a local or regional basis and may include a wholesale produce market and storage, distribution and processing facilities for meat, fish, dairy and other grocery products, beverages and frozen foods, driveways, roads, approaches, parking areas, restaurants, transportation structures, systems and facilities, and equipment, furnishings, and all other structures and appurtenant facilities related to, necessary for, or complementary to the purposes of the center or any facility thereof. The authority may construct on the site other facilities consistent with the purposes for which the authority was established. As part of the center the authority is authorized to make capital contributions to others for transportation and other facilities, and accommodations for the public using the center. Any part of the site not occupied or to be occupied by facilities of the center may be leased by the authority for purposes determined by the authority to be consistent with or related to the purposes of the center. In addition, the authority may contract with any person for the development of any of the facilities to be a part of the center and may provide for the financing of the acquisition of any real property or of any construction.

b. Revenues, moneys or other funds, if any, derived from the operation or ownership of the center, shall be applied in accordance with the resolution or resolutions authorizing or relating to the issuance of bonds or notes of the authority to the following purposes and in the following order:

(1) Principal, sinking fund installments and redemption of and interest on any bonds or notes of the authority issued for the purposes of the center or for the purpose of refunding the same, including reserves therefor;

(2) The costs of operation and maintenance of the center and reserves therefor;

(3) The costs of any major or extraordinary repairs, renewals or replacements with respect to the center or incidental improvements to it not paid pursuant to paragraph (1) above, including reserves therefor;

(4) Payments required to be made pursuant subsection b. of section 16 of this act;

(5) Payments authorized to be made pursuant to subsection c. of section 16 of this act;

(6) The balance remaining after application in accordance with the above shall be deposited according to the terms of the bond resolution.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016