New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:41a-142 - Person Charged; Newspapers; Qualifications

40:41A-142. Person charged; newspapers; qualifications
Whenever notice by publication is required under this act the clerk to the board of freeholders or the county counsel, whichever shall be charged by the board to do so, or any other person charged under any section of this act with the duty of causing such publication, shall cause all such notices to be published in at least one of the two newspapers qualified by law and designated by majority vote of the board of freeholders to publish the county's legal notices. The two newspapers designated by the board of freeholders shall be:

a. Both printed and published in the county, one of which shall be either a newspaper published at the county seat of such county or a newspaper published in a municipality in such county having the largest population according to the last population estimate published by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry; or

b. One printed and published in such county and one circulating in such county, if only one daily newspaper is printed and published in such county; or

c. One published at the county seat and one circulating in the county if no daily newspaper is published; or

d. Both circulating in such county, if no newspapers are printed and published in such county.

L.1972, c. 154, s. 142, eff. Sept. 19, 1972. Amended by L.1975, c. 84, s. 45, eff. May 5, 1975; L.1978, c. 141, s. 14, eff. Nov. 13, 1978.

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