New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:43-66.48 - Organization, Meeting Of Consolidation Commission.

40:43-66.48 Organization, meeting of consolidation commission.

14.As soon as possible and in any event no later than 15 days after the election or appointment of all its members, the consolidation commission shall organize and hold its first meeting. The commission shall elect from its membership a chair and a vice-chair. The commission shall fix its hours and places of meeting, adopt such rules for the conduct of its business as it may deem necessary and advisable, and appoint a secretary, who need not be a member of the commission. A majority of the total membership of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but no recommendation of said commission shall have any legal effect pursuant to P.L.1977, c.435 (C.40:43-66.35 et seq.), unless adopted by a majority of the five commission members from each of the participating municipalities.

At its first meeting, or as soon thereafter as possible, the commission shall establish a schedule for the conduct of its business which shall take into account the following mandatory dates:

a.The five-month date set forth in section 20 of P.L.1977, c.435 (C.40:43-66.54) by which the Department of Community Affairs is required to report its fiscal findings to the commission;

b.(Deleted by amendment, P.L.1999, c.58.)

c.(Deleted by amendment, P.L.1999, c.58.) and,

d.The 10-month date set forth in section 22 of P.L.1977, c.435 (C.40:43-66.56) by which the commission is required to submit its final report.

A copy of such schedule shall be filed with the commissioner and with the clerk of each of the participating municipalities within 30 days after the first meeting.

L.1977,c.435,s.14; amended 1999, c.58, s.6.

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