New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:45-9 - Individual Certificates Of Nomination.

40:45-9 Individual certificates of nomination.

5. a. The municipal clerk shall furnish, upon request, a reasonable number of forms of individual certificates of nomination.

b.Each certificate shall contain the name of one candidate, and no more. Each signer must not, at the time of signing the certificate, have signed more certificates for candidates for that office than there are places to be filled for the office. Where ward councilmen are to be elected, no petitioner shall sign more than one certificate for ward council, and the candidate named in the petition shall reside in the same ward as the signer. All certificates not complying substantially with this act shall be rejected.

c.When a petition of nomination is presented for filing to the municipal clerk, he shall examine it and ascertain whether or not it conforms to the provisions of this act and, where applicable, the provisions of the general election laws. If it does not conform, he shall retain the petition and notify the person nominated of the defect, by written notice delivered to him personally or by certified mail to his place of residence stated in the petition.

d.Where the nominating petition, or any affidavit or affidavits thereto is found defective, the candidate named therein may file such amendment or amendments as may be necessary to eliminate the defect, whether of matters of substance or form, and when so amended the effect shall be as if the petition had been originally filed in the amended form. After the last day for the filing of the original petition, no amendment may be made for the purpose of adding the name of any person who did not sign the original petition, nor shall any amendment be made at any time for the purpose of changing the name of the candidate or the office for which he was to be nominated. No amendment to a nominating petition shall be made and filed less than 61 days before the election.

L.1981, c.379, s.5; amended 1985, c.92, s.35; 2011, c.37, s.33.

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