New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:48-2.26 - Brush And Hedges Near Roadways And Intersections, Cutting Of

40:48-2.26. Brush and hedges near roadways and intersections, cutting of
The governing body of every municipality shall have power to make, enforce, amend and repeal ordinances requiring the owner or tenant of lands lying within the limits of such municipality to keep all brush, hedges and other plant life, growing within ten feet of any roadway and within twenty-five feet of the intersection of two roadways, cut to a height of not more than two and a half feet where it shall be necessary and expedient for the preservation of the public safety, within ten days after notice to cut the same, and to provide for the cutting of the same by or under the direction of some officer of the municipality, to be designated in said ordinance, in cases where the owner or tenant shall have refused or neglected to cut the same in the manner and within the time provided above and to provide for the imposition of penalties for the violation of any such ordinance.

L.1949, c. 152, p. 535, s. 1, eff. May 19, 1949.

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