New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:48-8.20 - Ordinance; Provisions Required

40:48-8.20. Ordinance; provisions required
Every ordinance imposing a tax under the authority of this act shall contain the following provisions:

(a) all taxes imposed by such ordinance shall be paid by the purchaser;

(b) no vendor shall assume or absorb any tax imposed by such ordinance;

(c) no vendor shall in any manner advertise or in any manner represent that any tax imposed by such ordinance will be assumed or absorbed by him;

(d) each such assumption or absorption by any vendor of any such tax shall be deemed a separate offense and each such representation and each such advertisement by any vendor, each day the same shall continue, shall be deemed a separate offense;

(e) penalties, as fixed in such ordinance, for violation of the foregoing provisions.

L.1947, c. 71, p. 433, s. 6, eff. April 19, 1947.

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